Digital Pulse Generator

Compact DDG for synchronization up to 5 instruments
with nanosecond precision.



Digital Delay Generator SyncRay can generate the TTL pulses into the multiple output channels thus precisely timing multiple instruments.

Frequency generation

Digital Delay Generator SyncRay can be used for the generation of different frequencies with set pulse length, output level and polarity.

Basic parameters

Time params

10 ns resolution, 5 ns precision, 5 MHz frequency 


4 + 1 Output Channels

Normal, Single, Duty Cycle or Burst mode


1 Input Channel

External Trigger, Gate, External ARM


Other features

Wait count, Sync. source, Polarity, Output level, …



130×75×190 mm



Modes and Functions

The basic frequency of the DDG can be generated internally (0-5 MHz), externally (0-5 MHz) or internally while being gated by the external signal.


Number of pulse generation modes can be used for both the time base and for all the individual channels: Normal, Single shot, Burst or Duty cycle


Output channel can be synchronized with any other channel. So the delay value is counted not from time base, but from the output of the selected channel.


The output of the channel can be combined with the output of any other channel utilizing the Multiplexer feature.

The ARM of the time base or AMR of the channels can be triggered by a button in the software or by the external signal if the I/O channel is set to External ARM mode.

Other Benefits

Easy cable handling

Stop fighting with regular BNC connectors squeezing your fingers in a tight space. Just quickly plug and unplug the connector with SyncRay SMB connectors.

User-friendly software interface

Easy to use, modern control software. All the key channel settings are clearly visible altogether without the need of digging into the tabs or menus.

Ready for integration

For the purpose of integration into the customers systems, the SDD protocol and bare version of the SyncRay is available.

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