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elemental analysis!

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)

Lightigo brings you the LIBS – quick, flexible and resource-efficient technology for elemental analysis in the heart of our analytical instruments.



Workhorse for the LIBS analysis.

We designed FireFly in the compact body and equipped it with the selection of the right features while keeping high performance to price ratio.


  • Motorized 3-axis stage
  • Microscopy sample view unit
  • Motorized laser spot size changer
  • Light-tight cover with laser filters
  • Digital Delay Generator integrated
  • Gas Purge module
  • Gas Extraction adapter
  • *100 Hz Diode Pumped Pulsed laser
  • *100 Hz Spectrometer + Detector
  • Fast Elemental Mapping feature

*) Key components are configurable, so you can tune the system to the higher level.

Limited time

€ 990

PRODUCTS | Accessories


Precise analysis requires precise synchronization of individual components. With the SyncRay, our compact Digital Pulse (Delay) Generator, you can synchronize up to 5 instruments with nanosecond precision.

Basic parameters

  • 4 SMB Output + 1 SMB Input/Output Channel
  • Input as Trig/Gate/External ARM
  • Resolution 10 ns, precision 5 ns
  • Switchable output level 3.3 / 5 V

Time base sources

  •  Internal (0-5 MHz), External / Triggered (0-5 MHz)

Pulse generation modes

  • Normal, Single shot, Burst or Duty cycle

Channel features

  • Changeable Sync source, Channel multiplexing
  • Wait count, Gated mode

Other parameters

  • USB or Ethernet connection
  • *Aluminum box, W×H×D 130×75×190 mm; weight 1 kg

*) Can be supplied as an Eurocard 100 × 160 mm, 8HP


Custom designed systems

Where quick elemental analysis is desired, the LIBS technique can save time, money and material resources.

Wide spectrum of industrial fields can benefit from the LIBS technology. From laboratory LIBS systems, in-situ compact LIBS instruments or stand-off systems capable of material analysis at the distance of units of meters.

Application examples

  • Depth profiling of multilayer materials
  • Quality control of input / output materials
  • Chemical mapping of heterogenic materials
  • Detection of metallic / heavy / toxic elements
  • Material sorting
  • etc.

Lightigo`s R&D team in close cooperation with Laboratory of Laser Spectroscopy on CEITEC BUT is capable of custom development of the LIBS systems based on customer’s needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us concerning your analytical problem, development request or grant proposal!
We are open to all kind of cooperation still searching for the new LIBS challenges and applications.

TECHNOLOGY | Principles of LIBS

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

Lightigo: Laser ablation

Laser ablation

Pulsed laser is used as an excitation energy carrier. Laser irradiance value of more than hundreds of GW per square cm evaporates* and ionizes small amount of target material.

Microplasma is created …

Lightigo: Atomic Emission Spectroscopy

Atomic Emission Spectroscopy

Cooling microplasma radiates spectrum of wavelengths (atomic emission lines), which are characteristic for each individual chemical element present. 

Quantitative and qualitative analysis is performed.

*) Stands for nanosecond laser pulses. In a case of ultrashort laser pulses (ps and fs), a non-thermal (cold) ablation occurs.

TECHNOLOGY | Principles of LIBS

LIBS advantages


Measurement rate can reach up to kHz scale. You can get the results of the analysis in the fraction of second.


No third party chemicals required. Only reasonable power consumption.

Elements coverage

Most of the chemical elements can be detected, including the light ones (Be, Li, C, Na, Mg, …).

Chemical map of Lead distribution in Galena stone

Galena section

Spatial resolution

Small spot of the analysis enables chemical mapping with the spatial resolution of 10-100μm.

In-situ detection

Flexibility of the LIBS enables to built small portable systems or systems with tens of meters remote detection capability.

Detection capability

Simultanous detection of all present elements with detection limits in order of 1-100 ppm.


Who is Lightigo?

Lightigo s.r.o. is a start-up company focused on the development and production of the analytical instruments for the Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy, one of today’s most promising technique of elemental analysis

Lightigo was founded in August 2019 by the researchers and hardware developers who have the long-term experience with the R&D in the field of LIBS. The ownership of the company is fully in the hands of the core R&D team. 

Our Mission is to introduce the benefits of LIBS to the market in the form of analytical instruments designed with the accent on the high performance, stability and user experience.


How to reach us

Lightigo s.r.o.

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639 00 Brno
Czech Republic

VAT: CZ02731410
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